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Who We Are

Ephphatha Medical Care Services is a for-profit healthcare organization that was founded in December 2019 in Seaford, Delaware. In November 2021, we opened an additional office in Salisbury, Maryland. Ephphatha Medical Care is a family practice offering primary care to patients aged 2 or older. The main focus of our facilities is to provide care to Haitian and Latino communities in the town of Seaford and surrounding areas. Importantly, this healthcare establishment can offer top-notch services to patients in different languages including English, Creole, and Spanish.

The mission of Ephphatha Medical Care Services is to care, educate, and heal by providing high-quality healthcare services and promoting health awareness. The clinic focuses on disease prevention by discussing the importance of screening tests for men and women as well as the management of chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia. In addition, Ephphatha Medical Care provides acute care management and substance abuse care management. This is a minority-owned practice that fully appreciates the importance of having a diverse working staff and also providing culturally competent care. Ephphatha Medical Care Services offers holistic health care in Sussex County, Wicomico County and the surrounding areas and is a participating provider in Medicare, Medicaid, and most major insurance plans. However, the majority of our patients are low-income and/or do not have health insurance. A sliding fee scale has been made available for any patient without insurance. The organizational structure of Ephphatha Medical Care Services includes the Chief Medical Officer (Emanie E, Dorival, CRNP/FNP), Co-founder (Dr. Lemuel Pierre, MD/PA), Medical Director (Dr. Cynthia Calixte, MD/MPH), Administrator (Joseph A Dorival, BA/MSD), health providers, and administrative staff. Our current HPSA score is 15 for primary care and 18 for mental health.

Ephphatha Medical Care practices the philosophy that everyone should have access to basic healthcare. Following its philanthropic mission, Ephphatha Medical Care has committed to never deny care to someone in need, even if the patient is unable to pay for the health services. Consequently, the organization created a sliding fee scale that is identical to the poverty-based sliding fee scale. Founded in 2019, Ephphatha Medical Care is a young organization, and implementing the sliding fee scale to increase access to health care for low-income families and uninsured migrant workers. As a result, the organization is charging $30 per visit to those who meet the criteria at 100% of the sliding scale.

  • Increasing access to health care for underserved communities
  • utilizing internship/coaching opportunities for underserved youth to attack more Youth in the Medical field
  • Decrease Infant mortality by increasing access to culturally sensitive prenatal care through education and facilitate proper referral to at-risk mothers.
  • Decrease STIs/SDT through monthly workshops/Education seminars

Mission Statement

Ephphatha Medical Care Services’ mission is to bridge the gap of health care disparities in underserved communities locally and nationally.

Vision Statement

To diminish the gap of health care disparities locally in Seafood Delaware, Nationally throughout the USA, and globally. Addressing the physical, mental, and social health of the community.

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